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Legal Stuff

Guerrilla Eats is a business name registered under Ripe Logic Pty Ltd, an internet-based provider of single and packaged unique dining experiences being offered in major Australian cities. These terms and conditions apply to the purchase and use of dining experience vouchers from Ripe Logic Pty Ltd which are available from the website www.guerillaeats.com.au
1. DEFINITIONS 1.1 GE means Guerrilla Eats trading under Ripe Logic Pty Ltd. 1.2 UDE or Dining Experience means a unique dining experience. 1.3 Voucher means a unique dining experience voucher. 1.4 Scheduled Date means the date that the dining experience is scheduled to occur. 1.5 Dining Providers means the businesses which directly provide food & beverage services to the voucher holder (and their guests) during the dining experience. 1.6 Customers mean 1.6.1 The voucher holder & their guests. 1.6.2 Anyone who participates in the dining experience.
2. MAKING A PURCHASE 2.1 Prior to purchasing a voucher from GE, you are required to tick the box ‘I understand and accept the terms and conditions of sale’. After you have ticked this box, you become legally bound by these terms and conditions. Prior to making your purchase you should have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions of sale. If you are unsure of any of the terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us, in writing at Guerrilla Eats, Level 2, 608 Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, 2007.
3. REFUND / EXCHANGE / CANCELLATION POLICY 3.1 No refunds will be given for cancellations within 60 days of the scheduled date of the voucher. 3.2 A 50% refund will be given for cancellations made within 60-90 days of the scheduled date of the voucher. 3.3 A 90% refund will be given for cancellations made 90+ days of the scheduled date of the voucher. 3.4 Should the need arise to change the schedule date of your UDE, the following notice is required: - 3.4.1 For booking of 0-8 persons, minimum 24 hours notice; 3.4.2 For bookings of 9-20 persons, minimum 7 days notice; 3.4.3 For books of 20+ persons, minimum 30 days notice; 3.5 GE may, in their discretion, alter their refund policy on a case-by-case basis. GE’s decision with respect to a refund is final.
4. GUARANTEES & WARRANTIES REQUIRED BY LAW 4.1 GE, to the extent that it is required to by law, complies with the Australian Consumer Law as is in force from time to time. 4.2 As GE is an agent of the dining provider, the dining provider separately warrants to the voucher holder that it complies with the Australian Consumer Law. 4.3 If you are unsatisfied with your UDE, please write to GE within 30 days of your experience and we will consider a refund on a case-by-case basis.
5. GE AS AGENT 5.1 UDE’s are sold by GE as agent for the dining provider(s). 5.2 Where GE offers packaged UDE’s from a number of dining providers, GE does so only as agent and on behalf of each those individual dining providers, who provide dining services directly to customers 5.3 GE does not, in its own capacity, offer any dining experience and has no responsibility for any dining services provided or not provided by the dining provider(s) or any other party. 5.4 GE makes no warranty or representation regarding the standard of any service to be provided. 5.5 All UDE’s are issued subject to the terms and conditions of each dining provider and these terms and conditions. 5.6 GE does not: 5.6.1 Control the business operations of any dining provider. 5.6.2 Make any guarantees or warranties that are provided to the customer by the dining providers. 5.6.3 Have any control or endorsements of the opinions, representations, comments, statements or actions made by the dining providers.
6. LIABILITY 6.1 GE has: 6.1.1 no liability for any act, omission or default, whether negligent or otherwise of any dining provider or third party provider. 6.1.2 no liability for any loss or damage occasioned by any negligent act or omission of any dining provider or third party. 6.1.3 Where GE’s liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the UDE purchased.
7. FOOD ALLERGIES 7.1 Whilst reasonable care is taken, customers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the food and beverage they consume during the UDE does not contain any allergen which may adversely affect their health. Customers with severe allergies should not participate. 7.2 Customers with food allergies are advised to bring their allergy to the attention of GE upon booking and also with the dining provider immediately upon arrival. Whilst in most cases, the dining provider will be able to cater for most food allergies, in some cases, where cross contamination during the food preparation process in unavoidable, they will not be able to provide an alternative.
8. ALCOHOL 8.1 Some dining experiences include the service of alcohol, or alcohol being offered for sale. All dining providers abide by the Responsible Service of Alcohol Rules (RSA) that are in force from time to time. 8.2 GE advises that the most pleasant and safe way to enjoy the dining experience is to avoid consuming any alcohol. 8.3 Should the customer chose to consume alcohol against GE’s advice, customers are advised to take extreme caution for their own personal safety when travelling to, from and between venues, or following the conclusion of the dining experience. Driving whilst intoxicated is against the law.
9. SAFETY DURING EXPERIENCE 9.1 GE is committed to providing a safe & enjoyable dining experience to all customers. Customer are reminded that they a responsible for their own safety during the dining experience and must take caution when participating in activates or travelling between venues. 9.2 If you are concerned about the safety of a particular activity, please contact GE, in writing, to raise your concern.
10. COMPLAINTS / COMPLIMENTS 10.1 If you are not entirely satisfied with your dining experience, please contact GE by email or in writing within 14 days. GE endeavors to investigate the compliant, and where appropriate, offer a refund. 10.2 If you were entirely satisfied with your dining experience, GE would like to hear from you. Compliments can be given in writing and GE appreciates your feedback.
11. MARKETING 11.1 All customers who participate in the dining experience consent to their personal details being entered into the GE customer database, in which periodical promotional materials from GE may be sent to you from time to time. You may unsubscribe from the database at any time. 11.2 All customers who attend the dining experiences consent to their photograph being used for GE’s marketing materials including its social media pages. Should you not want your photo to appear in GE’s marketing material, customers should email GE in advance and advise they do not want their photograph published.
12. TERMS AND CONDITIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE 12.1 These terms and conditions can be changed at any time, without notice to the customer or voucher holder. GE publishes the most recent terms and conditions on its website.