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Two Secret Sydney Date Destinations for That Awkward-free First Date

The very thought of going on a date makes me nervous. It’s not the “asking out” part that scares me, it’s the expectation that follows. Where the hell am I going to take this person that:

(a) gives me a little credibility
(b) says that i’m kinda interesting
(c) doesn’t make me look like a complete tight arse, but won’t send me bankrupt either.

Over the years I’ve had my share of massive date fails. After much thought, I can say that the quality of the venue makes the world of difference. Even if there is zero chemistry and you know a second date is out of the question, if your venue choice has kick ass food, a sexy cocktail list and cool set-up it makes the experience all that more bearable.

“Hey my snapper is awesome, how is your duck?” Sets a much better scene than, “It took two hours to arrive and my pasta looks like vomit, tastes like cardboard and has a hair in it. “


Here are 2 secret Sydney venues that will put you in a prime position to make the most out of a date night:

Alfie & Hetty, Glebe – 207-209 Glebe Point Road

The Set-up

Sprawling elms and willows line the streets of this Bohemian Sydney suburb. A place of bookshops, galleries and old style pubs, Glebe has also established itself as one of Sydney’s dining hotspots. Housed in two grand terraces on Glebe Point Road, Alfie & Hetty is old school-cool. Candle-lit, dark wooden tables and crackling fireplaces create a homely feel as if you are at a friend’s place. The perfect set-up for an intimate date.

The Food

The homely feel of the decor is complimented by the cuisine, which could be described as ‘comfort food’. Chef Benjamin Loiseau hails from Paris, the city of love, and his menu offers bistro classics: steak tartare, as well as beef, chicken lamb or fish roasts for two.
Entree’s are around the $20 mark
Mains range from $18-27
Desserts are around the $13 mark – I recommend the warm chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream

The Drink

Very sexy cocktail list with a mix of the classics + a few unique creations. I recommend “The Floating Punch”.

The Talking Points

The restaurant is named for two early 20th-century residents of the neighbourhood. Alfie, a local gangster and stand-over man, gives his name to the upstairs bar, while the dining rooms take their name from Hetty, a renowned local cook who used to prepare roasts for local underprivileged children.

Jekyll and Hyde, Darlinghurst

The Set-up

Inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The curious Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’, this Darlinghurst gem is a sweet cafe by day and a wickedly good bar by night. I recommend indulging in your devilish side and sharing a tasting platter and fine wines with Mr. Hyde in the cover of darkness.The rich leather seating, touches of warm timber and intimate low lighting make it a perfect date night location.

The Food

Mr Hyde offers a range of indulgent regional tasting boards comprising five elements from a specific region – Spanish, Italian, French or Asian. I always like to create my own tasting experience when it’s a tapas style menu. I recommend the crispy fried zucchini flower, pulled pork slider and the grilled chorizo chimmichurri. The food here is all about sharing, which is perfect for a date.

The Drinks
The cocktails are clever and classy. To keep in theme with the night and also because they are delicious I recommend “Jekyll’s Elderflower Sour”(I’m a gin drinker) and “Hyde’s Espresso Martini” (It’s dark and calculated, just like its namesake)

The Talking Points

Well if you’re an English literature nerd you can talk about the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Other than that you’re in colourful Darlinghurst, the people watching capital of Sydney. Enjoy!
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